Proper Care & Maintenance of Your Stamped Concrete:

Cleaning and sealing stamped colored concrete should be done on a regular basis, just like any other home maintenance.  The frequency will depend on how high the traffic area is to cars, foot traffic, and any chemicals the concrete is exposed to.  We recommend resealing every 2-3 years.  If you wait longer you will notice the color fades slightly.  Keeping a fresh coat of sealer will protect and keep the color as vibrant as the day it was installed. 

Normal cleaning can be easily accomplished with a garden hose or a power washer.  Use dish soap or a medium bristle broom to remove residue.  Apply, scrub, and rinse thoroughly to remove all residue.  Indoor surfaces that do not have drains may be cleaned by mopping, use of carpet cleaning machine, steam cleaner, floor scrubber with light duty pad, a wet/dry vac, or other related cleaning equipment that will not damage the adjoining wall.  Exterior surfaces may be hosed or low pressure washed (maximum pressure 1500 psi).  Just as you routinely wash and wax your vehicles and have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, your decorative concrete surface requires cleaning attention as well to maintain its' beauty.

Decorative surfaces are "stain resistant", not "stain proof".  The sooner stains receive attention, the easier they are to remove.  Stains can remain permanent if they are allowed to penetrate into the surface.  Residue such as tree sap or road tar may be spot cleaned with either Goo Gone or Dissolves-It and then rinsing with water afterwards.   Tire marks on driveways or garage floors can be removed with driveway cleaners or engine degreasers.  Rinse well with water afterwards.  Only use products by Stamped Concrete Specialists Inc.  Stamped concrete should be resealed every 2-3 years.  You can purchase sealer by going to one of these locations.  Sealing will prevent staining, making it waterproof.  Preventing water and frost penetration will prolong the life and prevent damage to your concrete.  Sealing will also make the color vibrant and make the concrete easier to clean.  To determine if you need to protect your concrete product, perform a splash test: sprinkle water on the concrete surface, if the water is absorbed and makes the surface noticeably darker, the surface is not protected.  If it does not absorb and beads the concrete is protected. 

Plastic or carpet mats over your stamped concrete is not recommended.  They hold in moisture, which contributes to the the buildup of minerals contained in water, making it next to impossible to remove.  Products such as Lime Away may remove the deposits to some degree.  However, a whitish residue may still remain.  Stamped concrete is durable but we recommend using protective caps on furniture legs. 

Stamped concrete is highly chemical resistant when sealed but not chemical damage proof.  Care should be taken to rent any pool treatment chemicals which are in a concentrated form as soon as possible to deter surface damage and discoloration.  Treated swimming pool water itself will not hurt a surface as long as it has been diluted properly. 

All cleaning solutions must be rinsed thoroughly from stamped concrete.  Special care must be taken to properly meter all concentrated cleaning solutions especially those that have an orange citrus base.  Janitorial supply houses promote orange citrus cleaners as all natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe, however they are a natural form of acid.  After use of cleaning solutions (especially true of orange citrus) they must be thoroughly rinsed to remove the cleaning material residue.  Failure to do so will result in discoloration and etching over time.  If concentrated fertilizer contacts your concrete, we recommend it be rinsed away immediately. 


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